workshop Leader for the Call to Action conference, through UCLA Law. 
“A Storyboard of the Carceral System” is an interactive experience designed to take participants through the various stages of the carceral system, starting from societal conditions, to police interaction, courts, punishment, and release, and ultimately calls for the abolition of the prison industrial complex and surveillance.
For each stage the user will be randomly assigned characteristics that affect their chances at receiving different treatment through the process, such as race, gender, socioeconomic status, and age.
Throughout, the experience will also highlight how a restorative justice system might take a different approach than our current punitive system and how that could affect the lives of individuals and communities, and also include public health and urban design frameworks to highlight the interdisciplinary issues those who move through the system face.
The storyboard is a tool that is available for public use. Visit it at
The site is a living resource and working to become more user friendly.
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